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'How To Find You Again'


Twomilegate at dawn
Been a lover of landscape photography for many years and photography in general, this was sadly taken away from me for a period of time a couple years back, the days I woke up at 4am to go take a sunrise shot, walking in the forest waiting for the sun rays to shine through to the days I would go sit, watch and photo the sun go down 'all taken away' this was taken away by me, yep me or well at least that is what it seemed ...
Anxiety took over my life in the cruelest of ways, it took my hobby / profession, it took some friends, but not the strong friends (they know who they are) and it even took me away from family at times, not many will understand but many will ..
I could and I will over time give an understanding of what it was like for me in those times of difficulty, especially for those who know someone who goes through anxiety / depression or in fact any other mental health issue, because when you have not gone through it can be hard to understand what the person is going through ..
See the way I wrote 'Mental Health' ? well I can tell you there was a time I would never had said that, why ... pride, maybe people will think different of me, not understand, feel weird .... when in fact mental health is just like any other health issue, you have chest infection you will do something about it, if you have a mental health issue you do something about it ... whats the difference, to me, none 'now'
So for now I just want to share one thing I did do ( and I done a lot of other things too)
I went down the road of mindfulness / meditation, the reason why was quite simple ... I, even during the hard days realised the only way I am going to get through this is to work hard and do it for myself. I studied mindfulness and its benefits and I thought, 'what if this just happened to work for me? what indeed' so I started and I never looked back,
I won't lie, it was hard at the start as meditation at the time was not my thing and never thought it would be, well how wrong was I :)
From practicing mindfulness my photography came back and I really felt like I had a fresh start, I started doing things that I could not have done before, mainly because of fear ...
I will continue this story over a period of time both in posts and in video, so stay tuned :)
But for now, the picture below reminds me of how far I have come and what I have gone through to get to here and now. This is a place I go to be mindful and meditate, its a place of true nature, with the sounds of the rippling water to the birds singing over head,
Taken in the early hours of the morning, prior to sunrise on a cold foggy morning with me, myself and I :)
Why is it special ? because what was once gone, is now back